10 Jobs Which Got Bright Future In Philippines

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10 Careers That Got Better Future In Philippines

After the caps fly and diplomas are filed, a large number of graduates jump into the working world to find out the best job. Salary is one of the significant elements behind the reason of working and nearly everyone takes it into account during the selection of the career. Despite the importance of salary, there are many other important elements that play a vital role in the selection of a job.

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Nearly everyone is looking for the highly paid profession so we have listed 10 jobs which got a bright future in the Philippines. These are among the highly paid jobs and you will also get a chance to enhance your experience and skills. Not everyone works to earn money, instead a few of them concentrate on their career which is interesting to them. Here is the list of all the major jobs, have a look at them:

1. IT/Computer- Software:

IT managers are the experts in computer and information as they plan and coordinate the organization’s related activities of the computer. Moreover, implementation of all these activities is performed to meet the company needs. The IT managers generally need a bachelor’s degree in the computer and Information Technology whereas, some of them are computer graduates.

As the use of technology has been growing, everyone needs an IT manager to run their business. Fresh graduates will get 37,784 PHP per month while some experience will increase the salary up to 67,478 PHP. As it is one of the highly paid jobs in Philippine and it will give the bright future, many people are turning towards this profession.

2. IT/Computer Network/Database Administrator:

Related to the information technology, Database Administrator provides the integrity and security of a database. He will be involved in the initiation and development of the database. Moreover, troubleshooting the problems that come with the Information technology and computer work, they are also performed by the database administrator. Similar to other jobs, the range of salary depends on the level. For beginners, the average monthly salary is 33,029 PHP per month and this salary increase to 81,274 at the higher position in an organization.

3. Helpdesk Support:

The helpdesk support is the helping of customers in the provision of all the information and support related to the company’s products along with the services. Many large companies are hiring the helpdesk support to help their customers and provide the care that they need. This job is similar to the customer care services and the helpdesk support in Philippine gets 80,405 PHP. People with less experience or on the amateur stage, they are given a salary somewhat less than this one. Moreover, this job has a great future ahead as the specialists are in great demand.

4. Architecture Or Interior Designer:

An interior designer or the architect can earn a large amount of money depending upon how well they can perform. Sometimes, just go out to your friend’s place and do whatever you like and change the place according to your liking. You will obviously have a little pay at the start, but it will increase gradually in a matter of months depending upon the growth of your skills. This is among the highly paid jobs and the professionals earning is 68,616 PHP per month.

5. Senior Level Corporate Executive:

This is the place where you will find the highest paid professionals in the world. When you think of running an organization, it is one of the biggest stress. But despite the stress, the salary they receive per month is highly attractive to everyone. This industry is blooming each and every day and their employees get a high monthly salary. The basic salary offered to the senior level corporate executive is 21,000 to 66,362 PHP.

6. Finance Manager:

Finance managers are the most important part of an industry because they keep the control on the checkbook. The finance manager is involved in the production of profit projections and coordinating the accounting practices. This job has a highly growing future and it requires expertise in the work. Every organization needs a finance manager as no organization is able to run without a finance manager. The highest salary paid to the managers is 59,696 PHP and it is the best chance to be utilized by the accounting students and CAs.

7. Lawyer:

Lawyers have a large number of ways where they can settle their business. Whether, they can join a private firm or they can join a public position such as the district attorney. But a lawyer needs to be highly committed as it is one of the difficult tasks too. Salaries depend upon the experience, but the highest salary includes 43,138 PHP.

8. Customer Service:

The department of customer service is present in every small to large organization. Considering it as an important constituent of the organization, this profession has gained a large importance and a wide number of customer operators are in demand. You can even get a smart salary at the entry level. The salary of the customer operators ranges from 34,772 to 76,538 PHP.

9. Training And Development:

The highly paid job involves the highest salary at an average of 67,380 PHP per month. Whereas, individuals with only a small amount of experience will be able to earn 23,762 PHP per month.

10. Manufacturing Production Operation:

This profession has also boomed a lot in this small time with the introduction of new technologies. This profession is also related to the complexity of the operations that you are able to handle. The average monthly salary of the manufacturing production operation is the 59,153 PHP per month.