3 Top Tips to Help Job Seekers Over 50 Secure a Job

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3 Top Tips to Help Job Seekers Over 50 Secure a Job

If you're a job seeker above the minimum age, you may be having issues regarding your job hunt. Ok, let us be honest on this matter. Even though it is stated clearly that there shouldn't be discrimination against older job candidates, is this always the case?

Unfortunately, in reality, older job candidates are always sidelined or never taken seriously. But by strictly following these top tips to secure that dream job at over 50, you can change your situation.

Well, all hope is not lost because when there is life, there is hope. But you need to leave your comfort zone and try out new things. You will have to stay up to date with advanced recruitment strategies if you're going to stay ahead of others in job hunting.

If you're an older job seeker and you find yourself still looking for a job, this can be a herculean task and one you need to put in serious effort.

Your case can be quite different, as an example, you are:

  • Being fired

  • Being made unwanted

  • Going back to work after caring for children

  • Returning to work after looking after an elderly family member

Whatever the reason, finding a new job or going back to work when you're over 50 is not as easy as people would have you think. But it isn't unachievable. You just need to know what employers so desperately need. Then you put into practice the techniques or secrets necessary to convince them you can do the job properly!

Tip 1: Update Your CV or Resume

There's an impending danger when you've labored for 30+ years to attempt to include every job you have ever had into your CV or Resume. This is a huge error. The document shouldn't be a little more than two pages - unless of course, you're opting for a job as a senior director of a great company.

Your work history on your CV/Resume should go back to 10-20 years and be matched particularly to the job detailed description.

Employers are just NOT enthusiastic where you went to school or which certifications you took as a teen. They are more passionate about your life's skill sets, practical knowledge and certification and, in addition to that, how you can add recognition to their company.

Highlight all your outstanding experience and abilities and incorporate action phrases like:

  • maintained

  • coordinated

  • organized

  • realized

  • established

  • enhanced

  • increased

  • reviewed

  • monitored

  • lowered

  • initiated

These words reveal to your employers the way you have positively engaged in responsibilities and projects in your former jobs.

Tip 2: Targeting

While we are still discussing ways of preparing your CV/Resume, it's necessary for you to that applying for jobs when you're over 50 requires more preparation.

One of the task you will need to do is to convince your employers that you're not too old for the job. Again, you need to give them reasons why you are the best candidate for the job. So now the question is, how can you do this?

Well, you need to be able to carefully analyze exactly what the company needs in that job role. And here's what you have to do:

  • Highlight all the skill sets, experience, and certification the employer has integrated into that particular job advert.

  • Next, take a sheet of paper and list each one, leaving some space underneath.

  • Underneath each one take note of each job you have had where you have utilized these skills, knowledge or qualification.

  • Create a new CV or Resume in line with this list - or fine-tune a previous one. Don't just send a blanket document out to each employer, as this is a straightforward way to get turned down. One size does NOT fit all when it comes to submitting an application for jobs.

Tips 3: Give some thought to Short-term Jobs or Volunteering

If you're getting stranded attempting to find your ideal job when you're a job seeker over 50, then get involved with some temp businesses in your place. Temporary business contracts can be fascinating and help you develop your abilities and experience in a distinct employment industry.

It also looks great on a CV or Resume as it reveals someone is paying you to work for them and you're not out of work.

Volunteering for a remarkable cause in your town also provides a positive influence on employers as they can see you're still using your skills and also assisting other people by sacrificing your leisure time.