Why Should Job Seekers Use Sites like Boj.ph to Find Jobs and Tips to Shorten Days?

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Why Should Job Seekers Use Sites like Boj.ph to Find Jobs and Tips to Shorten Days?

Boj.ph Introduction

Online job sites like Boj.ph have become a regular phenomenon in most economies. With the rise of the internet and increasing disdain for manual processes and practices, employers and job seekers have made and are making the transition by the day. This is because online job portals have brought with them a good number of benefits, even though they have their draw backs as well. The following section will show the many reasons why online job sites should be the first point of call for people seeking jobs.

Benefits of Using Online Job Sites

1. Greater Reach

One of the most visible advantages of using an online portal like Boj.ph is the wider reach of employers they provide. Job seekers are able to locate job postings from several companies at one and across industries and countries. This opens up the chances of landing an interview and probably a job because of the many options the job seeker has to explore.

2. Opportunity for Online CV Review

Many online job portals provide free or paid CV review for job seekers. This gives the job seeker an added advantage of better visibility because CVs posted have been reviewed and amended by professionals. These professionals who mostly are the sponsors of the job portal already know what employers look for in a resume’ and would help the job seekers highlight their key skills and competencies.

3. Confidentiality

Candidates that post their resumes’ on online job portals but choose to keep their names and current place of employment confidential. Some online job portals allow restrictions to what people can view in a particular candidate’s profile such that candidates can restrict their current or previous employers from having knowledge of their presence on the portal.

4. Competition

Because of the very high rate of applications on online job portals, candidates are forced to put their best feet forward. That is why some of them would go the extra mile to get CV reviews before posting and to ensure the best of their skills are highlighted. A candidate who is not ready with a strong online presence will be easy bypassed for the one that has.

5. Time Saving

Online applications also help candidates to save time. Rather than go around with CVs to companies each day, they can sit on the computer and within a few hours apply for as many jobs as possible. This is not possible with manual application processes.

6. Cost Saving

Following this closely is the tendency to save cost. Imagine the cost of transportation for a job seeker to cover most of the companies in just one city. Multiply that by a transition to many other cities where the search can reach before a job is found. How about the cost of posting applications by surface mail or courier service? For someone seeking a job to earn a living, these costs can be unbearable and therefore untenable.

7. Convenience

Convenience is another benefit of using online job sites. One does not have to travel around or spend so much money to be able to apply for jobs. Just by clicks of the computer, job seekers can send many online job applications at the comfort of their homes or other convenient places.

Tips to Shorten Days

For job seekers, waiting for too long for hiring processes can be highly frustrating. The reason for the long wait might be due to bureaucratic bottlenecks from the hiring companies, but they may also originate from the job seekers. So these are things that job seekers can do to shorten the hiring process:

1. Do Your Homework First and Well

It is important for job seekers to extensively research their potential employers. Information about the company’s recruitment process is good to have. This will help the person better manage the waiting time and take actions that will prevent delays. It is important to know what documents are to be submitted physically so that delays do not arise from the process of contacting you to supply such information.

2. Follow-Up

Submitting CVs and applications is not just enough. Jobseekers must follow up to ensure that the recruitment process has been kick started. Calls through to the company are recommended. The applicant should find out about what stage of the recruitment the company is at a particular time. This can be an extra nudge for the company to hasten the recruitment process.

3. Provide Adequate Information

One reason why recruitment processes are prolonged is the inadequate provision of information from job seekers. This also increases a candidate’s chance of being rejected because it bespeaks lack of preparedness and poor attention to detail. Candidates should ensure information required for particular advertised positions are well reflected in their applications before submission.

4. Create Demand for Yourself

This can be done by letting the company know you have received another competitive offer and may take it. Even though this is a good strategy to speed things up, it can seriously backfire and should be used with caution. If your potential employee knows that you are in hot demand, they could hasten to beat competition to hire you. But it can be the other way round whereby they are quick to delete your name from the list. Either way, please use this option wisely.