Why a Salees Career Might Be The Wrong Choice

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Why a Salees Career Might Be The Wrong Choice


Many people have to choose a career path at a point in their lives, this is something that we cannot avoid. Sales are a popular option, and is a favored option for many people. They are under the impression that this job is stress-free because of the freedom it offers. It is important to learn all the aspects of a choice that has a huge impact on your life, and this guide will help you make better choices.


Salespeople have to travel to customers, knock on their doors and then convince them to buy the product they are advertising. This might seem easy to some people, but they have to understand that they will have to work alone for the most part of their work. At first, it might seem a great idea. You are alone in your car, travelling, going places you’ve never been to talk to people you’ve never seen. This is not always the case, as people have good and bad days. Some bad days you just need someone to talk to, and this is impossible in sales. You have to put up a fake smile and try to convince your customer to buy the product. If they spot the fake smile in your face, you are sure to fail. This freedom is considered as a huge perk by many, but some people can get lonely easy, and if you are one of them, then sales is not the right job for you.


Sales are popular for being highly rewarding jobs, with people earning millions annually. The job depends completely on your ability to perform and convince people to buy your product. The more people buy it, the more you get paid. Convincing a customer to buy your product is not easy, as there are different options available in the market, and you have to show him that your product is the best in the market. Customers can be very different and you need to understand them and know how to talk to them for your sale to be successful. Failing to sell and perform will lead to low payments, and this high-paying job you first thought might turn into a dead-end job after all.


Sales can be very rewarding, as you are directly accredited with the success of sales. This is a great feeling and can be very motivating, but this is not always the case. Sales are very dynamic and you never know what might change the customer’s mind. It might be the smallest detail about your product and you never know what they might decide. Failing to achieve in the workplace will lower your motivation, and your superiors will start asking questions regarding your performance. This can lead to a lack of self-esteem and make you feel like you can’t succeed.

Challenging environment

The sales environment is a very challenging one, as different companies strive to sell products to the same clients as yours. This is called market competition, and it can be very harsh on people who work in sales. People who perform better might snatch all the customers from you, leaving without any successful sales and resulting in a poor job performance. This can have a huge impact on the future of your career and might even cost you the job. It is good to understand that you always have to improve and give your best in sales, as the next person to knock on their door might be even more convincing as you.


Sales put a lot of responsibility on you, as the whole revenue generated comes from you and the way you perform. Your sales have a direct impact on the money that is generated, and this will tend to put up a lot of pressure on people. Thinking that the success of a company is on your shoulders might lead you to overthinking and stressing over the situation; blocking your ability to think and work effectively. Some people prefer sales for this exact reason, but others can find that it is too stressful and pressuring for them. If you are not good at dealing with big responsibilities, try to avoid sales.


Having a good career in sales means that you will have to travel a lot, and this means that you will have to spend a lot of time away from friends and family. A big sales convention is taking place next week, and the company decides to send you as their representative. Your son’s birthday is on the same day, and now you have to miss it because you have to travel. Sales require some personal sacrifices to be made, as you will have to be a mobile employee, travelling places as a part of your job. If your family and friends are very important to you and you can’t stay away from them, then try to avoid sales.


This guide is not meant to show you that sales is a bad career choice; it was made to help you better understand what a job in sales includes. Some people can tolerate and even find the aspects aforementioned as positive; while some will not be able to stand them. Understanding what the career path you are following has to offer will help you make the right decisions. These decisions have a huge impact on your life, and making the right decision can save you from a lot of trouble and stress.