Facts about the Philippine Job Market

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Facts about the Philippine Job Market

The Philippines is a fast growing economy as evidence from the leaps it has made in terms of the technology and the available job opportunities. If you are looking for a job in this country, you are in for luck as there are numerous opportunities you can get for yourself. Before you pick which jobs suit you, you need to be aware of a few aspects of the Philippine job market in order to make the right decisions. Here, we outline the most popular jobs in this economy and other facts you need to be aware of.

The Most Popular Jobs in the Philippines

The most popular jobs include;

1. Call center agent

With an annual growth rate of 46%, BPO (business process outsourcing) is the fastest growing business in the Philippines. The nation boasts of at least 1000 call centers with the majority being located in Quezon City, Manila, Ortigas Center and Makati. The last headcount of call center agents in 2008 pointed out that at least 400,000 people were employed in this industry. By now, the figure has surpassed 1,000,000 employees and is still growing. If you are into this industry, the opportunities are limitless.

2. Sales representatives

The efforts exerted by sales people ensure that products are moved accordingly all across the world market. These people ensure that people are aware of the products and services available on the market and where they can get them should they be in need of them. The Philippines boasts of one of the largest numbers of sales representatives who ensure that products move into the economy as fast as possible. If you have skills in sales and marketing, you are in for luck as opportunities are virtually unlimited since firms are hiring all across the board.

3. Computer professionals

Computer skills are invaluable when in this economy. With the surge in the use of modern technology, a lot of people have basic computer skills, and they can operate various complex programs with ease. However, if you possess skills in system analysis or programming, you have an advantage over the average computer professional as you will have a lot of opportunities in this market. The computer skills in high demand include data entry, web developers, information technology consultants, network administrators, database administrators, computer technicians, software engineers, computer programmers, systems and analysis designers and operators and many others.

4. Office clerks

The number of offices in the Philippines is rising high and hence the demand for trained office clerks. These office clerks are the cornerstone of any modern office as evidenced from their importance in keeping things in order around the office. The skills needed in this regard include ticket collectors, cashiers, information clerks, receptionists, bookkeeping clerks, and accountants. With this sector of the economy claiming a huge chunk of the employable people, one need not worry about where the office keeping skills will take them. If you are trained in any of these skills, you are in for luck.

5. Shop salespersons

With a lot of rims setting base in the Philippines, shop salespersons are in high demand. Their role is to demonstrate the products of a given company in a store to the customers and potential customers. Among the places they are needed most include electronic stores, car dealerships, boutiques, and retail stores. For these jobs, one needs to be updated about the specifications of the product and be able to deal with customers cordially at all times. If you enjoy working with other people face to face, these jobs will ensure you stayed active and paid for your skills.

Promises of Hope

Did you know that only India beats the Philippines on the business process outsourcing industry? This is a great sign given that India was the pioneer destination for business process outsourcing activities and was way ahead of any other economy. However, the Philippines will soon surpass this economy. Evidence of this is that in the business of voice and call center which is a sub-sector of the BPO industry, the Philippines has already beaten India to claim the first position in the world. It is only a matter of time before it claims the first position in the whole BPO business.

Prospects for Growth

Experts in the business process outsourcing industry predict that the revenue for the Philippines will reach an all-time high of $25 billion come the year 2016. The same figure will leap to $55 billion come the year 2020. On the other hand, however, the IBPAP (IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines cuts back the 2016 prediction to $21.3 billion which is still an impressive figure. If you are part of this industry, you are destined for bigger and better things in the future according to these predictions.

What to Do to Find the Right Job

There are very many hiring agencies in the Philippines, and remaining unemployed should not be an option when the rest of the world is offering a lot of jobs that pay well. You may be wondering where to start given your set of skills. First of all, you should know exactly what skills you have and what jobs match these skills. We have classified the jobs and, matched them with the relevant skills to enable you to find the right jobs without much straining on your end. You can thank us later.