11 Secrets to Keeping Employees Happy (Without a Raise)

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11 Secrets to Keeping Employees Happy (Without a Raise)

Salaries are not the only way to achieve retention in a company. There are many other things that an employee values from a job. For a start, when they do what they love it is easier to keep employees happy. However, that is not something easily achieved in every industry. It is also a deeply personal matter. Some people don't choose as a career the thing that they feel passionate. Others simply don't know what they want.

Even employees who are happy with what they do may be struggling with other things about the company. In that case, it is crucial to do some changes and improve working conditions. Here are 11 secrets to keep employees happy without a raise.

11. Regular recognition for jobs well done

Make sure you recognize your employees when they do a great job. Recognition will keep them motivated. It feels good to know when you are performing well. That kind of feedback is valuable. People will know what they should continue doing. It sets an example to others so that they follow the same path. A regular recognition program is useful, and a formal and public recognition are an excellent choice. But even without formalities, a pat on the back once in a while does the work.

10. Saving and Retirement Plans

A retirement plan is something that can keep your employees confident about the future. Saving plans where the company rewards them for saving part of their salary are also good. That kind of saving plans is released every 6 or 12 months. Having some extra money now and then is a good way to keep your employees happy. It would be their money, and you will just be helping them to save it, so it does not cost you more.

9. Benefits for Families

For most employees, their family is the most important thing. Give them benefits that can be extended to their families. When things are looking good at home, then your employees will be more motivated. That is one of the easiest ways to keep your employees happy.

8. Events to integrate Families

Create opportunities for families to share moments together. You can take chances like the Labor Day, the Mother or Father Day, or Christmas. Organize a gathering with activities for families. The general perception will be that the company cares for them, not just as numbers, assets, or working robots, but as human beings.

7. Lean

It seems unlikely, but a lean program can also help to keep your employees happy. It is a methodology to optimize your process by identifying those activities that create value. The final objective is to eliminate work that is not part of the value stream. When you do it, everything in the process will be valuable, and your employees will not be trapped doing dull and useless work. They will feel all their efforts are going somewhere and therefore will feel happier.

6. Effective Meetings

To have effective meetings is a good way to keep your employees happy. When you engage into a meeting that is not productive, employees feel they waste their time. They usually have other work to do, and delayed it because of a meeting. When it is ineffective, they will feel unhappy. Create a culture of productive meetings and boost your employee's motivation.

5. A reasonable Boss

The reason most employees are not happy at their workplace is their boss. A reasonable boss is appreciated. Make sure you train all your personnel who are in a management position to be a good boss. That way, you will not only get a better management team but also are going to keep employees happy.

4. Effective Reporting System

Reports are necessary. Nevertheless, when the reporting system is ineffective, it can create discontent. Make sure you read the reports your employees are sending you. Also, create an efficient system to report what is needed. Take advantage of the reported information and if you don't use it, then eliminate it.

3. Clear Objectives

To have clear goals is a good way to keep employees engaged. When the goals are not clear, employees often feel confused and lost. That leads to unhappy staff who are not sure of what it is expected from them. Don't let it happen and make the objectives clear. You will find benefits not just at the level of happiness of your employees, but also at the results you will get from them.

2. Clubs like Sports Tournaments, Social Activities and others

To organize social life outside the office is a good way to keep employees happy. It will serve as an integration activity, but it will also release stress. By creating such events, you will be promoting exercise and clearing their minds to be better focused on work. The general wellbeing from such activities will make your employees happier.

1. Flexibility with Schedules

Particularly employees from the millennial generation appreciate time more. They are aware of the need for a balance between work and life. Time is identified as the most valuable asset to achieve such goals. To offer your employees flexibility when it comes to schedules is a useful thing. Also, time management training is relevant. That way you are giving them the tool (a flexible schedule) and teaching them how to use it properly.