The Pros and Cons of a Sales Career

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The Pros and Cons of a Sales Career

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Thinking of a sales career? You are not the only one. Many people consider pursuing a career in sales for the freedom it offers, however, it has some drawbacks. We are going to list what this career path can offer to you.


PROS: One of the most attractive aspects of sales is the financial profit that can be made through it. It is a very lucrative career choice, and if you have the mindset required to be successful in sales, you can earn big amounts of money. Most sales jobs offer perks, such as a company car, bonuses and free trips for holidays. Professional salespeople can generate up to $250,000 revenue per annum.

CONS: A high salary requires a lot of responsibility and accountability to manage. This can be very stressful for some, and increases the professional pressure if goals or milestones haven’t been met. State taxes and commissions can also influence the amount of money you end up receiving, and some companies have pay rates that vary on your performance. Some jobs have pays that depend completely on your performance, you don’t sell, you don’t get paid.


PROS: Sales can be a very challenging environment, and some people tend to like these environments. The thrill of the challenge pushes people forward, allowing them to perform better. The job will help you organize and manage your life better, improve your social skills and communication skills. People who work in sales are almost never bored, as the working environment is very vivid and challenging.

CONS: Some people cannot perform well under stressful environments and circumstances, and they end up being stressed. This can also lead to depression, a very grave psychological disorder. Some employees want a stable workflow, but this is not the case with sales, as the outcome can be different from what you expect. The challenges might be driving for some, but others can find them very stressful and pressuring.


PROS: Sales offer you a lot of freedom regarding professional choices, and at times it will feel like you are running your own business, with the support of a bigger organization. This job will train your entrepreneurship skills and creativity. You will feel like the executive of a big company, that is in control of the whole company. This will put you in a very positive mindset and will help you work better.

CONS: Sales are similar to businesses, and since you are the owner, it is up to you to generate money, profit from the business and create professional relationships. The performance of the business depends on you and you might feel like this is a very pressuring task. People who prefer a comfortable working environment and a stable time shift, can find sales to be uncomfortable and stressful. You will find that you never stop working with sales, as you will have leftover work to do at home.

Career accomplishments

PROS: Being the person responsible for all the decisions, all the accomplishments will come to you. Closing a sale is accompanied with a rush of adrenalin, a satisfying feeling of giving your customers the right product. A sales career can be very fulfilling, because every sale is possible thanks to you and the effort you put into it. Successful sales bring along generous rewards such as trips, recognition and commissions. This gives you a great amount of control over your career.

CONS: With all the weight of business on your shoulders, you might feel negative pressure in case you fail to meet your goals and your job satisfaction can significantly drop. You are responsible for everything, and people will start asking questions why it is not working. This is a very risky career path, but you have control over the way you perform and progress in your career. This job is accompanied with stressful situations that some people can’t handle properly.


PROS: Some people do not like the closed spaces that offices have, and sales offer the perfect working environment for these people. Salesperson travel a lot, and they have to visit the customers door-to-door. This makes it a very exciting job, as you will always encounter different environments and people.

CONS: The nature of sales makes it a kind of a lonely job. You have to travel to the customer’s houses, and this is all done alone. An office can offer a warmer working environment because of the presence of colleagues and daily social interactions and connections.

Some people will find this very hard and begin to feel lonely while working, and it might lead to a poor job performance.


It is impossible to list everything associated with a sales job, and this guide includes the most important aspects of this career path. You might feel more confident in asking people who have concrete experience in the field and who you know personally. They can give you a good idea of what the job is like, and you can trust their word for it. Getting information about this career path is a great idea as it will prepare you for what’s to come. This will lower the number of surprises on the road and you will be able to deal with these situations with ease. People have different feelings and opinions regarding their professional careers and relationships, and some might find sales to be a very rewarding and free career choice.

The biggest decision falls on your hands and asking yourself the right questions will make you understand whether this is a viable career path for you. Consider the factors listed here, as they are the most important aspects of the job that will influence your life.