10 Jobs which pays lots of Money in the Philippines

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10 Jobs which pays lots of Money in he Philippines

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Here are the 10 jobs which pay lots of money in The Philippines.

The Philippines is a dynamic country that is on the rise economically. A fascinating place to be, not least culturally. But because of its dynamic qualities, it can be pretty hectic, and for those looking for a job the situation can be chaotic. But this also means that there are lots of things going on, and the fact is that there are opportunities around every corner. Also, there is plenty of money to be made. If you play your cards right, you can land these jobs, or even go into business yourself.

The key to getting a job that pays lots of money is to be alert. Never rest, even for a second, and you will have a much better chance to land that highly paid job. Don't forget that not all highly paid jobs necessarily involves wearing a suit and tie and going to an office, as there is plenty of money also from doing other types of jobs. Do consider, as well that the Internet is a place where many people choose to work, which is perfect for those that wants to work out of the home. And the pay can be extremely high in some cases. Here are the 10 jobs which pay lots of money in The Philippines.

10. Customer service

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Are you friendly, attentive, service minded and professional? Then customer service could be just the thing for you. And the pay is OK. There are more and more job offers in this segment, and some offer very advantageous benefits, so be sure to check this out.

9. Training and development

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One step up the ladder from customer service is the segment we call training and development, and this is for people who have a few extra courses on their CV, or experience in a certain field. Use this to make more money as a trainer of personnel.

8. Sales

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The great thing about sales is that there are no limits to what you may earn, as most sales jobs are commission based. So it is a high paying job if you are talented. Well worth looking into, and there are always plenty of job offerings in The Philippines.

7. Telemarketing

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Telemarketing is still one of the most important jobs in the new economy, and in The Philippines, there are many, many telemarketing jobs. And it may surprise you how highly paid some of these jobs are.

6. Helpdesk support

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Support is, together with telemarketing, a segment where there are many job offerings. And they pay well. These jobs may involve incoming telephones and chat, so you need to be extremely service minded.

5. PR and communications

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Very few jobs pay better than PR and communications. And in today's economy more and more people need these services, and this is particularly true in a country like The Philippines. Are you qualified for working with communications? Advertising, Consulting or events? Then you could be on your way to some excellent money. If you have any interest in these things, try getting a foot in the door of a PR or event company, as this may increase your chances of a perfect job later.

4. Engineering and electronics

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If you like mathematics, engineering or electronics, make sure you get a degree in one of these fields, and then pursue the job of your dreams. You can be sure that the pay is way above average, and with experience, the sky is the limit.

3. Law and legal services

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The justice system can be slow and frustrating, and there are many sticky situations where people may need legal assistance. And if you are qualified, the pay can be fantastic. You may also launch a solo career, which could rake that money in.

2. IT - Database Administration

Few other professions make you more money than IT. But you want to be on the top end of the scale and deal with IT management. If you plan your education in this field and go through a few years of university, you will be perfectly placed for a job in this growing market. And the initial pay will be double, triple or even four times higher than that of a regular job.

1. IT - Software development

Few If you know how to write code, and how to research, plan, and develop software, then you are at the top of the job chain. Everything has to do with computers these days, and programmers are the people who control it all. They get paid extremely well, but make sure that you are in the top 10% of your field. Get a degree from a university, and get as much experience as possible. You can't go wrong!