10 Things not to do while you are in job interview

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10 Things not to do while you are in job interview

You should be aware of a few things that you absolutely must not do.

Are you looking for a job? In the pressing economic situation of today, who isn't? Let's face it; the world has changed and the economy with it. These days people change jobs more often, and it is okay to go through three to four, maybe even five jobs over a decade. And when it comes to landing a job, the essential factor is the job interview. Yes, your CV is relevant, as well as your cover letter, but the job interview is placed firmly on the top regarding importance.

The job interview is where you meet your potential employer for the first time, and get to impress him or her with the way you present yourself. And these details become important. Things you don't even consider frequently, like having a firm handshake, being friendly, being polite, and of course, being professional. And you should be aware of a few things that you absolutely must not do, ever, in a job interview. Here are ten things not to do while you are in a job interview.

10. Don't arrive late

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Nothing is worse than people coming late for a job interview. Nobody likes to wait for others, and when you are looking at a job interview, you are on trial. If you arrive late, you don't even need to bother to do the interview, as your chances are close to zero. Do not come much too early, either; the trick is simply to be on time.

9. Don't come unprepared

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You need to know a few things before showing up at the job interview. What's the name of the company, what is the segment they are working in, who is the boss, etc? These are all essential pieces of information that you need to know, because if they suddenly ask you about some detail, and you don't know it, it will place you in a poor light. How much do you want that job if you can't even be bothered to get informed?

8. Choose your outfit carefully

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Use appropriate clothes. Nothing too cheeky, and never anything too sexy. One of the worst mistakes a woman can make is trying to dress sexy for a job interview, but this will never work. Also, for a job interview, beauty should not be a focus. Of course, you should not be casual, either, nor should you try too hard. Be professional.

7. Don't smell of body odor

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A job interview is there for the company to get an impression of you as a person. And let's face it, people judge other based on details. One of the things people can't stand is bad smells. So make sure you enter the interview with recently washed clothes, freshly cleaned and with a light fragrance. Do not use too much perfume, either, as this is a put-off. Be discreet.

6. Don't avoid eye contact

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Trust is important, and it is a major issue when companies are looking for people. Nothing makes people distrust you more than if you avoid eye contact. Make sure you look people in the eye, without being too intense, of course. Having a firm handshake is important, too, without crushing any bones, of course.

5. Don't slouch

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It may seem like a detail, but the way you sit on a chair is important. Do not slouch, but sit up straight. Do not fiddle with your hands, but be as still as possible without seeming like a robot. Be natural, but posed.

4. Don't leave your cell phone turned on

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You would be surprised how many people are not even considered for jobs because they made a fool of themselves in this respect. So let's be clear: turn off your cellular phone. And if you accidently left it on, do not answer a call should the phone ring. Simply excuse yourself and shut down the thing.

3. Don't talk about money

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Nothing is more off-putting than job candidates asking about money straight away. It's like asking for a kiss on the first date. Great if it happens, but let it happen organically. Be more focused on the needs of the company, and how you can help them.

2. Don't skip any question, even if it's difficult

Always answer the questions, even if they are difficult. An employer asks questions for a reason, and you need to show that you have an open way of communicating and that you are disposed to co-operate.

1. Don't criticize a previous boss

Make sure you do not, ever, fall into that trap. Nobody is going to hire a person that makes a point of criticizing their former boss, no matter how discreetly. Avoid this at all cost.