10 Reasons to Study Accounting In The Philippines

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10 Reasons to Study Accounting In The Philippines

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Here are ten reasons to study accounting in The Philippines.

Are you looking for a profession that will land you a very nicely paid job where the pay is excellent and the opportunities to grow endless? Then you should look into accounting. The Philippines is growing, and so is the need for an active accounting section in most firms. The thing to remember is that you need to be good with numbers, and have an excellent, college background. Accountancy is an area of study that suits many young people in The Philippines, but the problem is that many do not even consider this profession as they think it is out of their reach.

It is not. What you need is a good degree, though, but the great news is that this can be achieved from a long list of schools, even doing evening or part-time classes. So nobody should find it out of their reach. Once out of school, the first challenge is getting that one, right spot in a big firm where you have the possibility to grow. There are many such firms out there, so if you get your degree, you shouldn't have any problems. Here are ten reasons to study accounting in The Philippines.

10. There are plenty of jobs available

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Accounting is a profession that's increasing every day. Many businesses need a lot of accountants, in a large number of fields of accounting. People who choose this area of study will never have to worry about work. The one thing that keeps many from going into accountancy is that one needs to study for a few years, but after this, you are wonderfully set up for a profession that can take you a very long way.

9. The pay is excellent

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Accountancy is a profession with a very rigorous field of study. Not least because of many laws in the field, and bureaucracy. Couple this with the fact that it is a vital part of any business, and you will see that it is a profession with a very nice salary. And the salaries increase with experience.

8. Opportunity to grow

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Once you have landed your first job within a company, you can expect to get various opportunities along your career, and this is such an enormous plus for the profession of accounting. And it is particularly true for the big companies, which operate in many segments. The trick is to get your first job at a major firm, and then just take it from there. If you work diligently, opportunities will come your way.

7. Often many benefits

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One of the great things about accounting is that your job with a big firm will often get you a series of advantages in addition to a very nice paycheck. The benefits depend on which company you go to work for, but health insurance is a typical example, that brings a nice feeling of stability that many people do not have.

6. Work can be flexible

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The work can be flexible. Some firms even allow you to work from home, at least partially. Others even offer this benefit several days a week.

5. Professional environment

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Once you are inside a company, you will get in touch with a large number of people from all kinds of professions, which is just perfect for your networking, and you can get a lot of input and ideas in the area of business; ideas that you can later use.

4. Many different fields

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Many people believe accounting to be a narrow field, but the truth is that there are so many different branches, all with their focus. This brings variety to your career, and if you tire from one field of accounting, or want to get an even higher salary, you can just move on to another field.

3. Business experience

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Accounting is a specialized branch of study, but you are a central and integrated part of the area called “business.” You will learn so many things about running a business, and this may become very useful for your career down the line. Perhaps you are even considering starting a business yourself? Well, this is very possible with all the information that you will get. Learning by doing is the key here.

2. Understanding of law

By exercising accounting, you will get to know so many aspects of local, Philippine law, and this can be very useful in other careers as well and in so many future situations. Particularly if you're planning to go into business.

1. It's an excellent study!

By The bottom line is that accountancy is an excellent study for young wannabe professionals who are looking for a wonderful and steady job, and even further opportunities in business. The course is intense but perfectly doable. And jobs are plenty. Do consider accounting!