Job Interview Clothes | Prepare For Job Interview

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job interview clothes

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Job Interview Clothes | Prepare For Job Interview

Many times has it been said and it will be again: The right job interview clothes can make for the right employee. This is because the very first personal impression you can make on the interviewers is the moment you step into the room and you are given the once-over of your attire. We are, after all, a visual species and so it makes sense that we judge and are judged based on physical appearances – at least, initially.

It must also be emphasized that even when the corporate environment is on the casual side, you must come in your business attire. For example, Pixar Studios may have no formal dress codes but you can bet your bottom dollar that the employees came in their suit and tie for the job interviews. Again, first impressions during job interviews can often last and you have better be sure that yours was a good one.

Must-Haves Dress Attire for Men

It is a good idea to invest in a business suit when starting on the job application circuit. Like it or not, you are well advised to wear it as your job interview clothes for the simple reason that you will look professional in it. Of course, this is with the assumption that you are applying for a desk job even if it is a clerical one, more so if it is a supervisory position.

The right business attire for men consists of a solid colour suit in either navy or dark grey, long-sleeved shirt coordinated with the suit colour, a good leather belt, a solid colour tie, dark socks and conservative leather shoes.

You should wear little to no jewellery – no flashy rings and necklaces, no earrings and nose rings and definitely no other facial and body piercing in sight. A watch and a wedding ring are sufficient jewellery for the purpose. You must also ensure that your hair is done in a neat, professional manner while your nails are trimmed. And please do lie low on the cologne, perfume and aftershave lotion. You can top it all off with a leather briefcase or portfolio. And that is how you transform into an executive!

Must-Haves Dress Attire for Women

In many ways, the etiquette for job interview clothes for women is very similar to that of the men with just a few tweaks to account for feminine attributes. You should also wear a suit in black, navy or dark grey; a coordinated blouse with little accoutrements to it; conservative shoes preferably black pumps; and neutral pantyhose.

As for the accessories, you should limit your jewellery to understated styles. If you have modest pearl earrings, necklace and ring set, then that would be the best bet. Just make sure that you avoid dangling, colourful, bohemian, heavy, glittery and avant-garde jewellery simply because you want to impress the interviewers with your words, not be blinded and distracted with your bling-bling.

You should also make sure that your hairstyle looks professional – no ponytails and sexy curls. Stick to light perfume and equally light makeup as well as natural-looking nails. And do stick to the leather briefcase instead of the peacock clutch.

Just keep in mind when choosing job interview clothes that you are going to a job interview with individuals in suits and ties. It is only good manners to return the favour.