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Have you been submitting curriculum vitae to companies and organization yet no results? You have gone for so many interviews and tests yet you still did not get a good job? You made contacts with relatives and sent series of emails on your choice of job even with a university degree or skill yet no job is coming your way?

It is time for you to try online job search. The internet has pretty much changed the way we live and do things in the Philippines'. In the comfort of your home, you can apply for series of job online using your electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, personal computers with internet connections. In this internet era, one can find almost anything he wants online at the snap of your fingers. As easy it is to search for jobs online, so it is easy for to get scammed by online job search companies in the Philippines and the world at large. This is where comes in to help you get that befitting job that matches your personality and interest.

You must have seen or heard about people making millions of money online. You can achieve the same fit through the online job search. Online job search offers you the convenience of searching for jobs in any country of your choice and location. It does not matter your geographical location. You can make calls or send bids to as many companies or organization as you can. It is also very easy for you to monitor your online job search online from the comfort of your home. You do not have to travel long distances to take interviews or tests. You can take your test online and know the state of your assessment without leaving your home.

The good news is that you can do these jobs online without leaving your home.

For a successful online job search, you need to optimize your social media account properly. Your LinkedIn Heading should be professional and must contain the keywords employers or recruiter search on search engines. This will help your visibility to be wide enough for the job you are targeting.

Keywords are the words people impute in search engine, social media to find whatever they need online.

So if an employer or organization needs someone with skill in web design, your name will not appear in the search results if your profile does not contain does keywords. So the terms of your target job search must be included your social media profile either at the header or the summary in other to be very visible to search engines.

Even if you are very skilled, you will not be seen by employers until your social media profile or resume contains the searched term like web design, web developer.

Working on your search engine optimization

You to build your keywords based on the information below:

1. Get a professional name

Your profile name is a very important search engine optimization tool to rank your media profile up in Google search engine. It is the most important keyword in your social media profile account. It will be very visible to search engines. You will get much better results if you use it often in your resumes, LinkedIn, twitter. It will make you professionally visible to as many people the search your categories.

2. Get in your target location

If you want a specific location, be it state, city. Let it be the location of your profile. Most employers narrow their search to some specific locations. You will miss out if you did not impute the location you want in your profile.

3. The job title as to be searched by recruiters

Yyour profile should contain the keywords your employers would likely impute in Google search.