How to love your job and make the most out of it

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How to love your job and make the most out of it

There's always this saying that your job can't make you rich or have a fulfilled life. So they always say that you should quit your job to join them most especially from Multi-Level Marketing Companies or direct sales firms. Although their reasons for advising you to do such is for their selfish benefits. They always find reasons for you to quit your job and if you're not careful, you may fall for their program. It is not bad to look for greener pastures, but while we should all be striving to raise our standard of living, we should be careful not to jump from frying pan into the fire.

I am a believer in never letting what you are going through control your thoughts and actions. Your job may not be the best, but you shouldn't believe what everyone else is saying about it. When there is life, there is hope. Take your time and watch Discovery channel to see the dirty jobs people do just to make a living.

In today's economic system it is approximated that the real unemployment/underemployed rate is just about 18%. Most, if not all, of that 18% would absolutely love to have to your job. They are out of work because there are not really that many jobs and the struggle for the jobs are ruthless. So, today, a lot of people would be incredibly pleased just to have a job, not their dream job.

Appreciate your job, and you can put out stress from your career and your life.

Let's take at your job. You may be doing an uninteresting, considerably less gratifying job than you desire. But, you have got a job. You may not have the capacity to make it to your full potential. But you have a job. You deserve much better, a lot more. Well so does the about 15 million jobless or underemployed.

There is absolutely no perfect job; absolutely nothing on this earth perfect. So, it is my suggestion to learn how to find comfort where you are. Learn to appreciate your job, your circumstances. That first begins by changing your mindset from grumbling to thankfulness. Rejoice over the fact you have a job and can do the job.

Your job may be incredibly dull, counterproductive from time to time and not profitable in your eyes, but bear in mind:

  • It is your primary income source.

  • You pay your debts with the revenue

  • You pay your tax returns (and we all do not like this part of our job) with this income

  • You take care of your loved ones with this income

Your present position may be the groundwork for something more substantial or a stepping stone to your dream job. As long as you think about the negative and not look at the optimistic view of your job, you will never know. But, and this is a big BUT, You Must be optimistic about your career. If you can't find comfort where you are, when and where will you ever be comforted?

It is not an easy task to appreciate a dull or monotonous job. It is possible to do, by changing your focus and mental attitude. Concentrate on exactly what it provides you (see the above list) rather than what you desire from it. Try thinking about "How can I do this job in an easier way? How can I enhance my overall performance?" Now that you have changed your focus find out the solutions and take advantage of them into your work.

Look for means of developing your job and you will make the most of loving your job. Some benefits associated with loving your job includes:

  • Your overall performance and proficiency output improves.

  • Your image in the sight of your seniors will improve.

  • You will feel much less tired and worn-out at the end of the day.

  • Your overall relationship with your fellow workers will improve.

  • You will be able to finish your projects swiftly if you do it with enthusiasm.

As you make up your mind to love your job, you won't have time to entertain negative feelings, the frustration and anger of not living a fulfilled life. You'll notice a better outlook, and you may find out that you really enjoy your job.