Increasing Salaries in the Philippines Job Market

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Increasing Salaries in the Philippines Job Market

If you are looking for a job in the Philippines, you are in for luck given the good news in this market. The most important one is that of increasing salaries all across the board. For the most part, experts have been predicting increasing salaries for the jobs in the Philippines but the news about this year is arguably the best on the land. Salaries have been predicted to go up by at least 10 percentage points for the year 2016. It is not just a few jobs that will have this great increase but all jobs across the board will benefit from the good times. This figure was reached as an average given that there are jobs that will have their salaries increase by less than that, but others will record increases of more than 10 percent.

1. Cause for Celebration

The reasons for the increase in the salaries in this economy have been attributed to three main reasons. First is the good economy. Generally speaking, the economy of the Philippines has been on a rising streak for a long while now. Economy development is often accompanied by increased salaries as observed here. The second reason has been that, since the year 2004, the rate of unemployment in the Philippines has been on a declining path to this moment. The 2010 results pointed to a mere 7.5% rate of unemployment, and it has kept going down as various industries and sectors of the economy develop further. Lastly, the Philippines has been very competitive in the job market as evidenced by the development of her industries mainly in the business process outsourcing sector where the country is a leading force only behind India in the world. One can only expect better times with the current rate of increasing good economic times.

2. Insights for the Job Market

The findings stated here were all released by the reputable and will be useful to various sectors of the economy. Among those who will make use of this information are job seekers. It will not only give them hopes of better lives in future but also show them which jobs they should invest in for the best results in their careers. The other group to benefit from this data is corporate hirers who will put it to use by focusing on the areas where the highest salaries and number of opportunities are available. Lastly, career consumers will make great use of this information by telling those in their care about which careers to focus on for a successful life. For the most part, focus on the industries the country is focusing on for long term success.


The role of in the job market for the world has many benefits which the Philippines will benefit from. The role of this online job platform is to benchmark the salary of a given employee against that of the highest paid individual in the same category. In this way, on can know how well or badly they are doing in terms of the money they take home each month. The platform also enables the one seeking a jobs to be aware of the available jobs and which one are in demand. This aspect will not only help the job seekers but the career guiding personnel as to their skills and the advice they will give to those under their care. The job seeker will especially benefit from knowing which jobs pay well and which ones they should thus focus on.

4. Reality Check

The increasing salaries may paint an all-rosy picture on the outside, but one needs to establish the real prospects of their job if they are to make progress in their careers. While this aspect will benefit everyone and the economy as a whole, job seekers should be focused on which sectors of the economy are recording the highest increases in the salaries. For this reason, one should check the website to ensure that they have the right salary points. If for example, one is expected to enter a certain industry and they know the average salary in that industry, they should first check on the exact salary they expect from the company they aim to work for rather than assuming it is the same one quoted for the whole industry. Be careful as you may be disappointed. Luckily, using will prevent this aspect for everyone involved in searching for jobs.

5. The Latest on the Philippines Job Market

If you want the highest number of job opportunities in the Philippines, look to the business process outsourcing sector as it has been posting the highest number of job opportunities for a while now. If you want the sector with the highest levels of salaries, look to the information technology (IT) sector as it has the best salaries especially for the managers, supervisors and junior executives. The positions that recorded the highest level of salary increases were the junior executives and the supervisors whose salaries increased as much as 12 percentage points. From 2014 to 2015, the number of ads for available jobs went up by 20 percentage points meaning that the number of available jobs tremendously went up too. Besides the business process outsourcing sector, one can also look to manufacturing and retail sectors for their jobs as these sectors also posted impressive job prospects.