Why Should Employers Use Boj.ph to hire talents?

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Why Should Employers Use Sites like Boj.ph to Seek Talents and how can Days be Shortened?


With the rise of the internet comes the need to do away with manual processes. Companies have felt an increasing need to imbibe automation as part of efficiency strategies in all facets of organisational life. Recruitment processes have benefitted much from this transition from manual to online methods. Job sites like Boj.ph have a lot to offer companies seeking to hire top talent. As the job market becomes more competitive, employers need to step up their game in order not to be pushed out of contention in the talent hunt.

These are the reasons why employers should use online job sites like Boj.ph.

Benefits of Using Online Job Sites for Employers

  1. Time Saving

It is agreed and well document within recruitment circles in companies that sifting through packs of physical applications can be more that tasking. But online recruitment processes have made this task easier now than never before. All the employer needs to do is post the vacancy on the online job portal and the hosts of the portal would electronically sift applications that do not measure up with the requirements. This leaves the recruiters with more time to rigourously assess the shortlisted candidates. The fact that vacancies can be posted real time and accessed by applicants within minutes of posting on sites like Boj.ph gives the recruiters more flexibility with time. This is opposed to newspaper publications that could take a week or two to hit the new stands and thereby create delays for the company seeking to hire.

  1. Wider Reach and Higher Application Numbers

Another core benefit of online job sites is the ability of companies to reach a wider pool of candidates. Candidates from organisations outside the company’s industry and locality can have access to online vacancy announcements and apply. This opens up the possibility of finding qualified applicants easily. A research conducted by a health care online job portal revealed that 97 percent of visitors to the portal promised to visit again within three months while 77 percent planned to refer their friends, family members and colleagues to the site.

  1. Branding and Visibility Opportunities for Companies

Being on an online job portal like Boj.ph can get a company noticed by a good number of people and thus create branding and visibility opportunities that companies usually seek. Companies can use the opportunity of announcing a vacancy online to describe what they do and why they are employers of choice. This can sway the decisions of top talents to apply to be hired by such companies and can lead to people seeking to do business with the companies too.

  1. Helps with Applicants’ Database Creation

Companies can use the opportunity of vacancy announcements to build up their pool of applicants for subsequent recruitments. The online pool only needs to be adapted into a database that provides ample options for the company if there is a need to higher again.

  1. Cost Saving

Employers stand to gain a lot in terms of cost savings if they opt to announce their vacancies online. Compared to newspaper advertisements or other manual means, job sites are cheaper and faster making the process more efficiency which would ultimately translate to more cost savings.

How Recruitment Days can be Shortened

These are some of the things employers can do to shorten recruitment times and allow for quick hiring.

  1. Actively Seek for Candidates to Apply

It is not enough to post a vacancy online and retreat to the comfort of your desk. You need to follow up and ensure that the job site has put up your announcement where candidates can find them. Also ensure that the online job portal you use appears in searches on the internet.

  1. Have Clear Job Descriptions

Employers using online job portals should ensure they provide adequate clarity when it comes to job descriptions. Vague and opaque descriptions will only lead to confusion and will make the wrong candidates apply. Take time to draft a clear and concise job description in order not to waste time.

  1. Use Efficient Online Application Systems

Some online application systems are cumbersome and time-consuming. Applicants will avoid such systems because of the impact the application process can have on their time. Online systems that are susceptible to technical hitches and down times should be avoided. Candidates would be put off if they discover that a particular portal is often deficient. This can lead to prolonged recruitment processes as employers will have to wait for portal managers to restore systems and set the ball rolling.

  1. Prove Your Worth Online

Employers should do more than post job vacancies online. They should use the opportunity to sell the company and prove it an ideal place to work. Information on job remuneration details and other benefits can help to attract the right candidates and reduce search times.

  1. Do Initial Telephone Interviews First

People can post all sorts of wonderful things about themselves online. Employers should not jump into short listing because of the strength of all the online applications. A telephone interview can reveal a lot about the candidate an influence the decision whether to proceed with the hiring process or not. This will make certain that the employer and the candidates’ times are not wasted on ‘dead on arrival’ physical interview appointments.