5 Ways to Job Hunt When You Can't Leave Your Job Yet

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5 Ways to Job Hunt When You Can't Leave Your Job Yet

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With the current global challenge that is rocking the foundation of every nation and companies, you do agree with me that you need to find a perfect job where you will be secured. The best time to start job hunting isn't when you get fired, but when you do have one. I know some people will say, a bird in the hand is better. According to some research carried out, many people search for jobs while they are still employed. One of the reasons that have necessitated this is the drive to seek for a better life ahead. It's hardly for someone to see a new job offer that is better than the previous or current one and stays behind. The primary purpose of working is to earn income. Career wise, this may be good, but you have to be extremely careful because you have the chance of losing your current job while searching for a new one. Never make the mistake of updating your details or information about your desire. So in this article, we will highlight 5 important ways or tips for you to carry out your job searching while holding on to your present work.

5. Keep It Quiet/ Silent social media

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This is one of the best way to get a job and the easiest way to get fired if you don't follow it. This is my first piece of advice for you, but the painful part is, this is where many people slip and lose their job without get the result of another. You won't want to let your current employer know that you are looking for a new job. They may see this as you being disloyal, hurtful and traitorous and you know where that could land you. So when you are hunting for a job while working, keep your search secret and you shouldn't tell anyone that isn't trustworthy. If your previous efforts of job hunting didn't get any output, it's time to start reaching out in a different way. In as much as you required the most updated information about your search to be featured online, you won't want to put your current position at risk at the same time. If you have added your boss or co-worker to any social media, you should consider removing such connection. Another way is to off your notification activity while you update your details about what you looking for.

4. Put Yourself in the Best Position

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In spite of the global shortage in job, those who are skilled in their profession will always get the best position. Know you have considered moving out and seeking for another job, you should ensure you have the required qualifications for your search. While searching, you need to maintain your focus and be productive in your current job. Some of the best employees strive to finish strong and at the end leave a more positive note in their place of work. You should do the best at the place you are currently being paid, because it's in your best interest if you want to find a job faster.

3. Update your resume

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Since you have decided on looking for a job, then you should consider updating your resume to align with what you are looking for. You should start with your last accomplishments couple with any new skills that you've acquired since the last time you updated your resume. This will not only tell a story during your interview, but provide content for your future applications. Employers would love to hear about your specific achievements as a signal of what you can offer to them.

2. Be as a professional

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Remember at this point, you are not a thief, but an undercover agent so act like one. So this shouldn't make you to slack at your current job while you are looking for a new one. Remember not to use your work email address or computer to go hunting for a new job. These equipment's belong to the computer and it might be monitored. This may send a terrible sign to your future employers that you will exhibit this same attitude by using the company resources for your own use.

1. Watch your wardrobe

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To show you are really ready to forge ahead in your new job, you should consider watching and changing your wardrobe if the need be. You might be working in an office where all you wear is casual wears; you should look at the dress code for the company you are seeking to work in. For the interview, there is a high chance that you will need a suit, so be ready to adjust and change your between interview and work. If you are used to jeans, pants can be the hardest to adjust to. So start adjusting yourself.


At times like this, things will feel shifty, but remember you are not doing anything wrong. There isn't any law that is against looking for a better pasture. So keep your resumes and social media up to date. If at the end your boss discovers what you are doing, be honest. Just inform them that it's a desire to grow in your field, since there isn't any available within. Be professional in whatever way and be in good terms with your employer because you may need a reference later from them.