The Best Jobs You Can Get With Your College Major

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The Best Jobs You Can Get With Your College Major

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Depending on your college major, there are different jobs you can get. We will tell you some of the most common jobs for some college majors and finally conclude which is the best for each.

These are the best jobs you can get with your college major. Let's explore seven majors with highly rewarded job positions. This list covers not only the monetary rewards but also the intangible benefits, which are important to enjoy every aspect of your life.

7. Nursing related Majors

Nursing is the sort of career choice that gives meaning to your life. It might not be as well paid as some engineering and business related majors. Nevertheless, it is well rewarded, and ultimately has a greater satisfaction than the mere economic retribution. Most nurses feel they are doing something good for the world. That kind of happiness is not usual for other majors. Nursing professionals also have rising job opportunities. The elder people represent a development area for the nursing field. The increase of the average life for regular citizens is the primary reason to expect a rise in demand for this sort of service.

6. Criminal Justice related Majors

To become a criminal justice professional is not just a raising career choice for such series like CSI. Solving crimes with the wise use of technology and science is the sort of job on this line of work. Detectives and criminal investigators are well rewarded. But the job done backstage is the best. An intelligence analyst can earn 12% more than a criminal investigator. Professionals working in the criminal justice field are also generally satisfied with their jobs.

5. Aerospace Engineering related Majors

The aerospace engineering is one of the most passionate careers. Most people who chose this major are deeply interested in science. Classes for aerospace engineering are dense, and you acquire some in-depth knowledge in robotics, physics, and math. That is necessary because most jobs have to do with spaceships and aircraft designing. Not just in the NASA-related projects aerospace engineers are needed. There is also an extensive job opportunity in the private industry. In recent years, there seems to be a substantial investment on more efficient airplane designs. For mid-career aerospace engineers, there are two options: to specialize deeply on a particular part of the plane or to become a leader as engineering manager. Both options are highly rewarded, and it is a personal choice which path to take.

4. Accounting related Majors

Accountants are needed for any business. Working as a public accountant is the first step in an accounting career. It might not be very attractive for most people. However, you will not find a hard time looking for a job. All companies and even people need an accountant. It becomes interesting when you jump to a position as a financial controller. Larger business requires professionals who take care of the transactions and foresees the results. Finally, the auditing department can be very attractive. Not everybody can bear auditing because it requires endurance on the social side. Relationships are deteriorated with such a position. The best under this line of work is becoming the auditing manager, which is also the most rewarded job.

3. Business-related Majors

The best career path for business related majors is sales. Nevertheless, sales alone is as broad as a business. There is a sales department in every possible field you may think. Business graduates find the best rewards on the pharmaceutical market. Being the sales director can be the most rewarding. Even tough for some people it is not as profitable when the commission scheme is favorable for the sales reps. The increased responsibility is also something that not everybody can handle well.

2. Construction related Majors

In the construction field, the management is the best-paid area. You are required to keep things running smooth. As construction projects usually have tight deadlines to meet, it is a challenging position. A building manager is the one who runs the orchestra. It is a musical director. Everything has to run at his pace, but it is not the better rewarded. According to the statistics, the estimator position can be better paid. A senior estimator may earn an average 10% more than the construction manager. It seems budget is the most important thing in the building industry.

1. Computer Science related Majors

Are you in computer science? Then, you chose one of the best-paid careers in modern times. It is also very flexible since most of the job can be done remotely. Many companies are now opting for more flexible schemes. You can find any job when you are in computer science. You could either be part of a software development team or do some IT consultancy. When you get any of these paths, the best-paid job is to become an IT Program Manager. Nevertheless, it comes with responsibilities. You have to oversee programmers and IT people. Not just you will need a major, but also some other soft skills. Natural leaders are fonder of becoming competent program managers easier. Other lucrative and growing line of work is security. With every system going public online, security is becoming a major concern. To avoid hackers is the primary task of a security specialist, some of which are hackers themselves.